13 October 2015

To increase productivity in the construction sector, and encourage workforce development and investment in technology, the BCA has revised the tender evaluation framework for government construction projects, raising the productivity weightage to 10 percent of the overall score, with the full framework to be rolled out from January 2016.

The current framework weights productivity at 3 to 6 percent.

BCA has launched its first grant call of $2.6 million to fund research that focus on solutions to drive Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA). DfMA has been identified as a focus area in BCA’s second Construction Productivity Roadmap that was launched earlier this year, and improves labour efficiency by moving as much construction off-site as possible.

Additionally, BCA will be providing for funding projects that adopt Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) under the Construction Productivity and Capability Fund. The VDC is used at the planning stage to model the various construction phases, allowing for greater collaboration and communication between all stakeholders.

(Source: http://www.bca.gov.sg/Newsroom/others/Media_Release_SCPW_2015_131015.pdf)

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