Cement Strengthener (W1) - WARRIOR



5kg, 20kg


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Strengthens cement. Improves bonding strength by 2 to 3 times to 30.57 kg/cm2. Especially good for bonding homogeneous tiles, granites and marble tiles, and to prevent staining. Increases flexural and compressive strength by 40% to 100%. Compressive strength to 56.00 N/mm2 . Flexural strength to 10.00 N/mm2 . (ASTM C 39).

Quickens cement setting time. Reduced surface cracking and dusting, forming a very tight seal. Good for wall plaster, wet area and swimming pool waterproofing.  10 to 20 times more resistant to oil, salt water, chloride, acid and vapour penetration. A feature particularly important in steel reinforced concrete structure.

Improved plasticity and flow (ASTM C 124-71), easier to work with, reduces porosity.

W1 cement strengthener is deemed to be suitable for use in contact with water intended for human consumption tested against SS375 : 2001.

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5kg, 20kg

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