Cementitious Waterproofing (ES100) - WEBER (formally known as Emix)



43kg set


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E.MIX es 100 is a two-component latex modified cementitious coating, which can be simply achieved by mixing a pre-packed dry-mixed powder (Part A) with a formulated flexible latex admixture (Part B), and subsequent painting the slurry on various substrates.

It protects a wide range of buildings and structural concrete components with excellent resistance to water, aggressive chemicals, long-term weathering and scratching, with anti-carbonation properties. It is applicable to those structures subject to long-term water immersion. 

This product also contains recycled material and is a green-labelled product with the rating of Leader by the Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme. 

An approved product in HDB Material Listing.

It is designed for both interior and exterior sealing and waterproofing of walls and floors with protections from E.MIX render or E.MIX screed series or cement mortar. It is applicable to both positive and negative sides of water-receiving substrates. Suitable for waterproofing of walls and floors in tunnels, basements, water tanks, swimming pools, balconies, terraces and wet rooms such as washrooms and bathrooms.

It can be applied onto substrates subject to shrinkage, vibration, movement, stress and minor crack formation. Appropriate substrates: concrete, brickwork, pre-cast surface, lightweight blocks, shotcrete, etc.

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43kg set

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