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DAVCO FLOOR LEVELLER 15 is a high strength levelling compound specially formulated for rapid installation of tension free and smooth surfaces. DAVCO FLOOR LEVELLER 15 contains a combination of special cements and high quality synthetic resins ideal for trowelling over large areas.


  • To form a smooth, levelled and high strength finished floor topping, used internally and externally.
  • Suitable for levelling and smoothing of internal sub-floors of concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tiles.
  • Ideal for adjusting tolerances between floor slabs.
  • Smoothing and levelling over quarry, ceramic tiles or concrete surface.
  • Rectify camber problems on concrete.
  • Repairing old or damaged concrete floor.


  • High-strength, suitable for use as a finished floor.
  • Self-levelling, seeks its own levels to produce a smooth and flat surface.
  • Suitable applications on large areas.
  • Non-shrink, can be applied to any thickness. (3mm to 15mm in single application)
  • Water resistant when set, ease of application around drain areas as long as the drain itself is sealed.
  • Quick dry, walkable after 3 - 4 hours depending on the temperature and application areas.
  • Self level to a smooth & flat surface.
  • Can be featheredged to provide a smooth finish.
  • Compatible with most adhesives.
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