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5L, 20L


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Davco Liquid Water Repellent is a clear transparent liquid based on polyoxo-aluminium stearate designed to penetrate the minute pores and capilliaries of rigid substrate.

The molecular structure of Davco Liquid Water Repellent ensures a water repellency film rather than a complete sealing of the surface. However it does not prevent penetration of water at pressure in excess of 1.4kg/cm².


  • As an effective water repellent treatment on surfaces of brick, stucco, concrete, precast concrete and stone.
  • To form an entrenched impregnable barrier against driving rain and damage from saturation.
  • To form an impregnation barrier at the back of marble and granite against migration of stains during the hydration process.
  • Can be safely applied to delicately tinted rough cast surface without discolouration.
  • Use for prevention of external penetrating dampness in walls.


  • Ready to use from the can.
  • No dilution required which ensures quality products are being used.
  • Easily applied by brush, roller or spray.
  • Coating itself is colourless and the effect is an optical one due to decreased light diffraction.
  • The surface treated with Davco Liquid Water Repellent can still breathe.
  • Reduce heat loss caused by ingress of water and subsequent evaporation.
  • Minimise the absorption of soot and dirt, a frequent cause of decay.
  • Reduce maintenance cost by prolonging the useful life and appearance of masonry or concrete.
  • Protect surface from frost spalling, cracking and disintegration and efflorescence.
  • Rapid shedding of water by Davco Liquid Water Repellent results in maintaining a clean appearance much longer than would otherwise be the case.

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5L, 20L

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