Stain Remover (No Mac Gel)





NO MAC GEL is a water-based stain remover to be used to extract and remove coloured stains from all types of surface with its innovative formulation, the product can offer effective, definitive action on:

  • Coffee stains, wine, tea, coca-cola, tomato, and food and drink in general;
  • Stains from marker pens and ink;
  • Mould, algae and the spread of plants and residues in general, such as stains from leaves, grass and clippings.

NO MAC GEL is a product that can be applied on all surfaces - even the most delicate types such as polished marbles and acid-sensitive finishes - without attacking them or causing them to lose their shine. The special gel formula of NO MAC GEL boosts its stain-extracting action, guaranteeing improved efficiency in terms of stain removal. It is also easy to use and effective on vertical surfaces.

Once applied over the stain to be removed, the product works alone without needing any further processes, until it completely removes the stain. NO MAC GEL is quick and easy to apply, and its use will not alter the surface’s original appearance.

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