Waterplug (Quicseal 516) - QUICSEAL



1kg, 4.5kg


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Quicseal 516 Is a single component fast setting hydraulic cement powder comprising of graded fine sand and specially formulated additives. When mixed with water, it becomes a fast setting repair mortar, which expands, and bonds tenaciously to substrate, thus stopping running water and leakages through cracks.

Stops leakage and seepage through general masonry, concrete, floor-to-wall junctions and walls and around inserts such as concrete pipes and sleeves. Suitable for use in basements, foundations, retaining walls, elevator pits, wells, mines, tunnels and cofferdams.

Plugs cracks in concrete and masonry surface instantaneously, fast setting. Fully hydraulic, reduces permeability. High early and ultimate strength. Non-metallic and non-toxic. Chloride free.

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1kg, 4.5kg

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