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Davco K10 Green Sheet R is a high performance, multi-layer, fabric reinforced, waterproofing system that allows for high build up thickness to overcome unevenness of concrete roof surfaces, forming a flexible and yet tough waterproofing membrane with enhanced durability. It is available in various colours and accessible to light foot traffic, making it ideal for waterproofing of concrete flat roof area. Davco K10 Green Sheet R can be installed using a special spray equipment or roller. It is specially formulated to be fast drying, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of membrane being wash out due to suddenly occurence of rain on site during installation.


  • Waterproofing of old and new roofs. (Exposed or concealed)
  • Refurbishment of old tile surfaces, concrete roofs and concrete gutters without the need to hack.
  • Replacement alternative to torch on membranes for safe application.
  • It achieves high build up thickness with 2 coats (minimum), and an optional reinforcement mesh where high tensile strength is required.
  • Rejuvenate existing torch on waterproofing in existing buildings.
  • Lining faulty gutters and downpipes.
  • Eliminates soldering of cracked non-ferrous roof valleys and flashings.


  • Rapid drying and curing
  • Easy to apply and sprayable
  • Increases productivity, reduces manpower and time
  • Bridge cracks and remains flexible in harsh weather condition
  • Resistant to ultra violet rays, mould & fungus
  • Available in various colours

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